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I have an interest in favicons, those little logos that grace the tabs of your web browser. Some websites use them, some don't. I notice favicons and their absence. If you are planning to hire someone to design your website you should notice too. Noticing small details in your digital presence demonstrates that you care about those details in your own business as well.

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About the photos on this site

About the photos on this site

All of the photographs used on this site were taken by me. Most are of a place in Italy just north of Rome called Orvieto.

I attended a workshop led by Patrick Nicholas of Camera Etrusca and I highly recommend it to any photography enthusiasts. If I had the time I would make this an annual event. Patrick is fully immersed in the history of this area and he knows of endless locations that he drives you to, each one a treasure in itself. I attended a three-day workshop in August of 2012 and even during that short period I photographed a wealth of images that continue to inspire me. This is why I include these images in my website. They are a steady reminder of the beauty in this world as well as a reminder of a few of my kindred spirits.

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