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Adding structure to online informal learning.

Did you know that there are countless courses available online that are free? If you are simply attempting to obtain knowledge and not a credential, this is a fantastic route for you.

Check out these free online course providers.

If you decide to take this route, be prepared to draw upon your self-discipline. This type of course typically doesn't include exercises or quizzes so it's up to you to find ways to apply your newly acquired knowledge!

We develop courses for you to deliver exclusively to your team, wherever they may be.*

General knowledge courses are also available. The course topics will be chosen that will benefit everyone; no matter the industry, education level, or employment status. The overall aim is to help learners bridge that gap between knowledge and understanding.

*In English only, for now!

Work in progress!

Learning alongside others is so beneficial because you are exposed to different viewpoints which can change how you understand something. Participating in a Group allows you to have interactions with other learners and a facilitator, similar to a Classroom setting.

We will incorporate this feature depending upon demand for it.

Who doesn't want a bit of recognition once in a while?

Earn badges based on how much effort you are putting in.

No effort? Then no reward. Simple!

Quizzes are simply a way for you to determine if you fully understand what you just learned. If you do poorly on certain questions, you know that you could benefit by reviewing the course material again.

Quizzes are learning tools and they are an important part of the process of understanding what you learned.




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Do you speak at events? Are you traveling more than you like in order to get your message out there? Consider recording one of your appearances and bringing your audience to you!
There are several ways to package your valuable knowledge and reach a broader audience. Contact me to discuss how you can move to the next level. Email me at learningsolutions@saraoneill.com

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